In today’s competitive insurance industry, having the right tools to manage your agency is crucial for success. An insurance agency management system (AMS) can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the client experience. However, with so many options on the market, deciding which solution is the best fit can feel overwhelming. This article will explore what an AMS is, why you need one, and how to choose the right insurance agency management software for your agency.

What is an Insurance Agency Management System?

An insurance agency management system (AMS) is a software solution that handles the daily operations and workflows of an insurance agency from end to end. AMS solutions automate processes like policy management, claims handling, billing and payment processing, marketing and communications, document filing, and reporting. They centralize all your agency’s data in one place for a more organized approach.

Why Your Agency Needs an AMS

There are several compelling benefits to implementing an AMS:

Improved efficiency: Automating manual tasks like data entry frees up your time to focus on higher-value client-facing work. Features like pre-filled forms and one-click workflows save significant time.

Enhanced client service: Having all client information at your fingertips allows for faster response times and a more personalized experience. Features like client portals for document access and payments improve service.

Streamlined collaboration: With everyone on the same centralized system, internal communication and collaboration are seamless regardless of location.

Actionable insights: Built-in analytics and customizable reporting gives you visibility into KPIs to optimize performance. Data-driven decisions lead to growth.

Compliance support: Ensuring regulatory compliance is easier with tools supporting tasks like tracking expirations, proof of coverage letters, and document retention policies.

Long-term scalability: AMS solutions grow with your agency as your client base and team expands without major transitions or disruptions to service.

Key AMS Features to Consider

When evaluating options, consider these core capabilities: 

Client/policy management: Quickly find and view all client and policy details in one place.

Billing and payments: Manage invoices, track payments, and optionally accept online payments.

Claims handling: Centralize claims data and process claims from start to finish digitally.

Marketing and communications: Leverage tools for marketing automation, mailings, and client communications.

Reporting and analytics: Access built-in and customizable reports for key metrics.

Document management: Store documents securely and control access internally and for clients.

Integration abilities: Consider how well it integrates with your other key systems like your CRM or accounting software.

Mobility: Access core functions from any device for maximum flexibility.

Customization: Look for configurability to suit your unique workflows.

Support and security: Evaluate support options and the platform’s security protocols.

Understanding AMS features is just the beginning. IWFirstCall’s team is adept at every major management system, ensuring your agency harnesses the full power of your chosen AMS through our BPO services.

Who Are the Best Insurance Agency Management Systems

While no single solution is right for every agency, here are some top AMS providers to consider:

Vertafore’s AMS360

Vertafore’s AMS360 is a comprehensive agency management system designed to support the operational needs of independent insurance agencies, brokers, MGAs, and MGUs. It aims to facilitate business growth and enhance efficiency through a variety of features. AMS360 allows for the management of policies, renewals, customer retention, and employee productivity.

The platform offers customizable workflows to assign tasks, track progress, and streamline staff activities, catering to a wide range of users including freelancers, large enterprises, mid-size businesses, and small businesses. The software supports mobile devices and integrates with various apps, although specific integration details are not provided.

Key strengths of AMS360 include its ability to streamline accounting processes, automate manual tasks, and foster seamless connections with carriers, thereby enabling agencies to focus more on customer service and prospecting.

QQ Catalyst

QQ Catalyst by Vertafore is a cloud-based insurance agency management software that provides innovative management tools for operations, marketing, and sales needs of agencies. It is recognized for its visually engaging and user-friendly interface, which helps in enhancing customer relationships.

Key features include advanced financial capabilities, policy management, digital file management, marketing templates, an intuitive report generator, and text messaging for client communication.

QQ Catalyst also supports multitasking with its unique “Catalyst Stack,” allowing users to manage multiple tasks efficiently. The software is designed to secure files and make them accessible anywhere, anytime, and it offers comprehensive policy summaries and proposals.

Pricing starts at $129, making it suitable for businesses of various sizes. QQ Catalyst is praised for its claims management, contact management, document management, and insurance policy management capabilities, among others.

Comparative Insights

Both AMS360 and QQ Catalyst offer robust solutions tailored to the needs of insurance agencies, with a focus on streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and improving customer management.

AMS360 is highlighted for its comprehensive feature set that supports a wide range of agency operations, including customizable workflows and seamless carrier connections.

On the other hand, QQ Catalyst stands out for its innovative approach to agency management, emphasizing user-friendly design, efficient multitasking capabilities, and comprehensive policy management tools.

While AMS360 is noted for its broad applicability across different sizes of businesses and its ability to automate and streamline critical business processes, QQ Catalyst is recognized for its engaging interface and flexibility in managing operations, marketing, and sales tasks.

Both platforms offer solutions to improve agency efficiency, but their distinct features and focus areas suggest that the choice between them would depend on the specific needs and preferences of the insurance agency.

Vertafore’s Sagitta

Vertafore’s Sagitta is an enterprise-class agency management solution designed for larger insurance agencies, MGAs, bankers, and brokerages. It is built to support specialty lines of business and has the capacity to scale and automate processes for multiple products and locations. Sagitta is used as a client management tool that stores clients’ information and policy details.

It also offers features such as report processing and accounting, with access to these features determined per user based on personalization settings. Sagitta also supports integration with InsurLink, a tool that enables servicing of client’s needs anytime via a webpage linked to the user’s website with their branding.

Applied Epic

Applied Epic is a cloud-based insurance agency management system that is described as advanced and scalable. It is well-suited for handling accounting and billing needs, with financial reports that users find very helpful.

The software is comprehensive, offering a wide range of functionalities, including policy management, client relationship management, and integration with third-party applications. Users appreciate its ease of use, robustness, and the ability to automate tasks and workflows.

Pros highlighted by users include:

  • Comprehensive features that cover most agency needs except payroll.
  • Logical workflow that records all activities.
  • Efficient policy management for both commercial and personal lines.
  • Good integration with email services and other software through IVANS and insurance carriers.
  • User-friendly interface and navigation.
  • Helpful templates for communication.

Cons mentioned by users include:

  • A steep learning curve for new users.
  • Some aspects, such as Evidence of Property certificates, are not user-friendly.
  • Customer support may lack knowledge about all the program’s capabilities.
  • Data entry errors can be difficult to fix.
  • The software may crash occasionally.
  • Some users find the marketing module cumbersome, and the accounting function outdated.

Overall, Applied Epic is recommended by many users for its robustness and comprehensive features, although some users note that it can be complex and may require a significant investment in time and training to fully utilize.

Nexsure Insurance Platform

Nexsure Insurance Platform, developed by XDimensional Technologies, is a comprehensive insurance processing platform. It is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and can be deployed online.

The software is recognized for its customized workflow and servicing needs, and it supports mobile applications. It offers a wide range of features including accounting, claims management, customer portal, document management, insurance policy management, and workflow management.

The platform is also praised for its autopilot features and its ability to streamline collaboration among retailers, wholesalers, networks, program managers, MGAs, and carriers. The latest version, Nexsure Insurance Platform v4, has improved the efficiency and ease of performing common tasks, delivering an intuitive user experience.

Agency Matrix

Agency Matrix is a web-based insurance management system that allows businesses to manage their book of business, staff, and office from anywhere. It provides easy-to-use automation and a user-friendly interface to eliminate burdensome processes.

The platform offers features such as document management, personal and commercial downloads, accounting features, and more. It is designed to help businesses improve efficiency and productivity, allowing them to focus more on increasing production. The system is browser-based, enabling management from any internet-connected device. However, some users have reported reliability issues with the system, particularly following updates.

Evaluate each platform through demos focusing on your unique workflows to identify the best cultural and functional fit. Pricing models vary so request specific quotes.

Other Notable Mentions


Connecteam offers an all-in-one insurance agency management solution designed to streamline business operations and improve efficiency. Key features include simplified internal communication with chat and an internal directory, robust reporting and analytics to measure field agent productivity, and commission tracking for clear agent expectations. The software is customizable, supports digital audits and forms, and is free for up to 10 agents, with paid packages starting at $29/month.


AgencyBloc provides an industry-specific CRM and agency management system with workflow automation features. It helps insurance companies manage clients and agents, process commissions, and conduct email marketing campaigns. Key features include insurance CRM, commission processing, workflow automation, lead form builder, marketing automation, real-time reporting, and dashboards. Pricing starts at $70/month and can be customized based on agency needs.


BriteCore is designed for efficient policy tracking and management, with features that support individual or group policy management. It offers analytics tools like MarketTrends for marketing data insights, which help in forming effective proposals and identifying cross-selling opportunities. BriteCore is suitable for insurance agency owners looking to enhance their business operations.

Implementing Your New AMS

Once selected, implementing your new system involves:

  • Data migration from old systems into the new platform
  • Setting up agency profiles, users, permissions
  • Configuring workflows, forms, templates
  • Training all staff members through the onboarding program
  • Going live on a target date after testing is complete
  • Evaluating opportunities for optimization post-launch

Partnering with experienced implementation experts helps avoid common pitfalls for a smooth transition. Dedicate internal resources to ongoing training to maximize your investment.


Insurance agency management systems are essential for organizations looking to thrive in today’s digitally focused landscape. With the right AMS, you can automate workflows, streamline processes, enhance client service, and leverage data-driven insights. Do your research to understand your unique needs and cultural fit before selecting the solution that will power your agency’s success for years to come. Implementing thoughtfully sets your agency up for long-term growth and productivity gains.

Choose any AMS with confidence, knowing IWFirstCall is by your side. Our insurance BPO experts specialize in maximizing your agency’s efficiency and growth potential, no matter the platform. Contact us to explore how we can support your success.


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