Global Help Desk Transforms into ⋮IWFirstCall: A New Era for the Customer Care Center After Successful Acquisition

Bitola, North Macedonia, 05/18/2023 – Global Help Desk, a certified 24/7 Customer Care Center, is thrilled to announce its exciting rebranding following a successful acquisition by ⋮IWConnect. This transformation marks a significant milestone for Global Help Desk and solidifies its commitment to growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to its customers.

As part of this rebranding effort, Global Help Desk will now be known as ⋮IWFirstCall. This change reflects the integration and alignment of Global Help Desk’s exceptional customer support services with ⋮IWConnect‘s industry-leading expertise and practices, creating an even stronger and more cohesive service experience.

Under the banner of ⋮IWFirstCall, the company will continue providing unparalleled customer support and technical assistance to enterprise businesses across diverse industries. The rebranding reinforces ⋮IWFirstCall’s promise of delivering efficient, personalized, and reliable support, ensuring that businesses receive immediate assistance and experience superior satisfaction.

In line with the rebranding, ⋮IWFirstCall is streamlining communication for its clients. Email addresses for customer inquiries and support will transition to the new ⋮IWConnect domain, replacing the previous domain, i.e., changes to, making client communication effortless.

“We are thrilled to introduce ⋮IWFirstCall as the new face of Global Help Desk,” said Stefan Stojanovski, Managing Partner at Global Help Desk/⋮IWFirstCall. “The rebranding reinforces our commitment to providing world-class customer support services and reflects our integration with ⋮IWConnect’s best practices. ⋮IWFirstCall embodies our dedication to being the premier resource for our customers’ needs, offering swift and reliable assistance through every interaction.”

This rebranding signifies more than a name change. The acquisition by ⋮IWConnect marks a broad transformation within ⋮IWFirstCall, leveraging ⋮IWConnect’s formidable resources and cutting-edge technologies. This fusion positions ⋮IWFirstCall to spearhead innovation, broaden its service offerings, and cement its status as a trailblazer in the customer support sector.

To learn more about ⋮IWFirstCall and the comprehensive support services it offers, please visit

About ⋮IWFirstCall:

⋮IWFirstCall’s team of highly skilled and certified professionals provides businesses with 24/7 customer care, network operating center support, multi-channel support, optimization, design and build services, and a range of other services.

Their state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies enable them to resolve IT issues quickly and effectively, ensuring that their client’s IT systems are up and always running.


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